The Side Effects of Giving Up Smoking

At times a person may feel that he or she cannot successfully handle the side effects of quitting smoking, However, it helps to know the giving up smoking side effects so that when they begin, they can be better handled.

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One prime side effect is that of anxiety. Anxiety is experienced within a day of quitting smoking. There are mood swings, insomnia, stress and depression. These may cause a person to want to resume smoking. However, these side effects last for only two weeks, and so they can be endured. At the end of that time, the body's emotional functions return to normal.

A person may also get sick physically after giving up smoking. He or she may experience a fever or a cold, headaches and even weight gain. At this time it is wise to seek help from a physician to combat these problems. As with anxiety, these physical side effects are not unbearably long.

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