I used to have a necklace...

I used to have a necklace I liked to wear. It was a popular designjust a simple pendant engraved with the word "Believe." It was a gift from an ex-significant other. Wonder whatever happened to it (the necklace not the S.O.).

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In my study of astrology I've learned that every sign has some associated word or motto. The one I've most often heard connected to my sun sign (Pisces) is "Believe." Growing up as a preacher's son, I heard about faith a lot and have tried to get my head around the idea of that "substance of things hoped for" and "evidence of things not seen."

Sometimes I'll think I've almost got it down, that I'm ready to shout "I'm a believer!" But even in those exultant moments, the question that follows is, "believer in whator whom?" Never mind the rest of the times when I tend to feel like a pack mule trying to catch up to the caboose on the faith train.

So, to the Shower Team I wondered, "What about faith? What door canI believe in that has any substance I can recognize?"

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