The next generation of gaming consoles

The next generation of gaming consoles are upon us. Meet the Xbox One, a console designed with gamers in mind. Through a perfect combination of power and performance Microsoft has promised the Xbox One will take us well into the future of gaming.

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Absolutely everything about the Xbox One is designed for a personalized experience. Thanks to the latest version of the Kinect sensor, this console will automatically sign you in whenever you enter the room. The Kinect has come a long way, it will now read even your smallest hand movements and can be used to launch any Xbox One program via voice command. To really create a personalized experience, advanced software will track your play style and habits and then adjusts the difficulty accordingly, this is very handy for those of us that enjoy a constant challenge and for those who find themselves stuggling.

The convenience of this system is absolutely stunning. Thanks to the HDMI pass-thru you can watch television through the Xbox One. No more switching inputs to get to your cable, just connect it directly to your console and you're set. Your Xbox One will become the central hub of your entire entertainment system. The power of this console will also allow you to switch to a movie and, when you're finished watching, return right back to where you left off on your game.

I'm sure many of you have found the usefulness of Skype. The Xbox One will allow you to Skype instunning HD and watch a movie simultaneously. Or, if you prefer, you can video chat with up to three people at a time. The convenience that has been built into this console is amazing. It goes beyond a simple gaming console.

Of course, being that it is a gaming console, you probably want to know about the graphics and performance. Rest assured, this console comes packing. Thanks to it's 8-core processor and advanced video capabilities, games seem more realistic than ever. The previous generation of games brought a semblance of realism to gamers, but the Xbox One perfects it. The power of this new generation will allow visuals and performance to be pushed to a level never before imagined.

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