Now, Fitzgerald may have had an elitist complex in writing this, but I...

Now, Fitzgerald may have had an elitist complex in writing this, but I believe his definition of a first-rate intelligence is compelling, and true. Identifying and acknowledging both sides of a situation or story enables one to see the whole picture more clearly. The choice to live and make decisions with the consideration of all who are involved is one we should all earnestly contemplate.

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While I understand Chimamanda Adichies TED Talk was directed toward writers and authors, I believe the message, and the theory behind it's message, is one that everyone can observe. Maybe it's because I took Literary Criticism during college and studied the works of Jacques Derrida and learned the concept of dualism, but I have become more aware of the contrasting side of each facet of life. A classic example of this paradox is the black-and-white illustration of a vase versus two faces in profile mirroring each other. Some people immediately see the two faces but do not see the vase until someone points it out, and vice versa. This picture is often called an illusion, and rightly so, because most people are unable to see both images at the same time; generally, people are only able to focus on one or the other exclusively. These people do not have, or have not developed, the ability or intelligence to hold two opposed ideas or images in their mind and still function, as Fitzgerald would say. However, once the illusion is exposed, it is much easier to notice both images. This capability to see and understand both sides of a picture, story, or situation at the same time is a goal that I believe is worth striving toward.

Whether in writing or in life, telling a single story is dangerous. By doing so, we become consumed with our own ideas, our own plans, and our own desires; we become selfish. We forget that where we are in life is not a result of our own actions, but rather we are here because of the sacrifices and help given by others in addition to our own actions. When we tell a one-sided story, we neglect the secondary and even primary characters in our life; consequentially, we are unable to lean on or help those we inconspicuously distance from ourselves. When we only focus on a single story our own one-sided story we see a distorted representation of life.

We may not always agree with or accept the other sides story, opinion, or action, but when we acknowledge the differences that there may be more than one side to any story we are able to begin bridging the gaps.

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