In this circumstance, 'momentous' describes the events which took place at last week's Northern Colorado Writers Conference because, well, I can't think of a stronger phrase to use for whathappened.

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Itwasat the conference'sSaturday session. I pitched myhumorous science fiction tometo the agent, which consisted ofa practiced elevator pitch andeight minutes of straight synopsis. It went well;she asked for a partial manuscript once I beefed it up to somewhere between 80,000 and 110,000 words -- the standard for the genre. I left the pitch session jubilated.

But that's not where the momentous event took place. It happened later, at the slush pile read. About halfway through the one hour session the reader reached my one-page example. Heart pumping in my throat, the reader began her oration, stopped when one of the review agents said it wasn't her cup of tea, and continued without a further halt to the end of the page.

And this was when the momentous happened.Thepitching agentlauded over the page to the assembled audience. When I spoke with her after it was over, she continued the praise, stating she grinned all the time while it was read. Then, she requested to read my full manuscript as well as the first fifty pages of the next book in the series.

I was numb. There we're other times where praise came to me at work or during an Improv performance, but it wasn't as powerful as what I felt from the agent's request. It was like a vindication of sorts; a breath of fresh air as a door locked for so long opened. Yes, this agent could read my work and, in the end, reject it. However, I now know there are others just as interested.

With Saturday's events I closed a chapter of my life as a wannabe writer and started a new one as an author. It'll take some time, patience, and the removal of a good amount of passive verbs to get the manuscript ready. But when I do, I will have a new confidence in myself and my writing to propel me to my greatest goals and dreams.

An Adverb-less Note: Today's blog was written without a single adverb. Practice for me as I revise my manuscript and remove many overused 'ly' words.

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