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“Success is not random. Success in anything, involves taking the right steps in the right direction. Invention development is no different.”

A great invention strategy involves:

  1. Early stage evaluation, to determine product potential.
  2. Filing for significant Patent Protection.
  3. A well thought out presentation focusing on the invention’s key strengths.
  4. Consistent and professional promotion.
  5. Extensive outreach with industry partners.
  6. Expert negotiation.
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* Due to the private nature of invention development, Innovative Licensing & Promotion Inc. signs a Confidentiality Agreement with all of its clients. Ask us for a copy of our Confidentiality Agreement for your review.

We’ve been doing this a long time and successfully negotiated the deal for one of the first worldwide selling media sticks allowing you to stream movies and music to just about any device.

Vince P. Kehoe (Vince The Invention Guy)
President of innovative Licensing & Promotion Inc.


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