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We’ve been helping inventors throughout the United States and Canada for over 30 years patent and protect their ideas and put those ideas in front of big retailers. We have successfully negotiated lucrative licensing deals with major brands and product distributors resulting in years of royalty payments for our clients.

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Let’s Protect Your Idea And Then Monetize!

We are here to help you protect and monetize your idea or invention. This is a two-step process.

Patent And Protect Your Idea

We help you patent your invention. There’s various forms of patent protection including Provisional Patents, Utility Patents, PCT Patents and Design Patents. We will walk you through the whole process taking care of all the nitty gritty details and acquire the appropriate patent for you to protect your invention.

Market And Monetize Your Idea

With a patent in place the hard work begins! We work with you to create a dynamic presentation of your product. This can include creating a quality prototype, video demonstration and other marketing materials.

From there we begin outreach to a long list of manufacturers, distributors and large retailers introducing them to your product. When the right party has been identified we negotiate a royalty or licensing contract on your behalf.

We have a long track record of success negotiating lucrative royalty and licensing deals for our clients.

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Some of our services include:

  • Invention Evaluation
  • Patent Searches
  • Intellectual Property Services
  • Provisional Patents
  • Patent Pending
  • Patent Applications
  • Patent Drawings
  • Utility Patents
  • Design Patents
  • United States Patent Applications
  • Canadian Patent Applications
  • PCT Applications
  • World Wide Patent Applications
  • Prototype
  • Idea Development
  • Industrial Design
  • Pre-Production Prototype
  • CAD and Solid-works
  • 3D Photo Realistic Rendering
  • Modelling
  • 3D Printing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Video Production
  • Licensing Presentation
  • Licensing Representation
  • Licensing Negotiation
  • Royalty Procurement

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What Makes Us The Go-To Patent Experts?

Turning your idea into a lucrative invention is not just our goal, it’s our passion. At Innovative Licensing, Inc., our team of patent and marketing experts have been helping inventors turn ideas into profit for over thirty years. With our strategic approach to North American and Worldwide Patents, we can provide the solutions you need to manifest your marketable vision. Our extensive service range includes:

  • Patent Searches
  • Patent Applications and Patent Pending
  • Licensing Negotiations
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing
  • Publicity & Marketing

For a free consultation or information on how to perform a free patent search, give Innovative Licensing, Inc. a call at 1-888-225-3882, today!

Industry Expertise

Innovative Licensing. Inc. has represented some of the biggest Fortune 500 names, including Adidas, Bristol Myers Squibb, Good Year, General Mills, Colgate-Palmolive, Mattel, Petsmart and Radio Shack—just to name a few. We also pride ourselves on our expertise across a wide range of industry sectors, from electronics to home/garden and child safety products. It’s our wide range of patent and trademark services that make us the superior choice for your great idea!

Innovative Patenting Strategies

Our main drive is client satisfaction —which is why we have developed strategic, cost-effective methods to promote new inventions to potential licensees. Trial and error has enabled our team to perfect the patent development phase allowing us to create the fastest methods to turn ideas into royalty returns for the inventor.

Patent Your Idea

Every aspect of our business is designed to make the patenting process as simple (and profitable!) as possible. When you work directly with the professionals at Innovative Licensing, you can expect premier patenting services of the highest quality. It’s our mission to secure your intellectual property with the most advanced patenting solutions.

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