Motivational Story: Kitty's Why

Being in business for yourself has it's challenges, especially during hard economic times. The importance of a strong Why cannot be stressed enough. Here's a story that someone told me a while back at a time when I was ready to quit.

It's quite an emotive story, and it's kept me going (albeit, I've changed the ending to something a little more cheery). I think it makes the point clearly:It was a cold winter's night and at the brow of the hill stood a lonely, orphaned kitten, named Kitty. As she stood there in the freezing wind, tired and hungry, she imagined herself in front of a warm fire, being stroked by a loving human family. She remembered how her mother had told her about how lovely this was & this thought kept Kitty going, as she'd climbed the hill through the wind and the snow.

Now standing at the brow of the hill, Kitty looked down at the small hamlet below. The lights looked so inviting. She carried onwards, down the hill, towards the hamlet, keeping that image of the warm fire & loving family at the front of her mind."I'm almost there, not long now!" she told herself, as she made one final push of energy through the freezing wind and driving snow.At last, Kitty reached the hamlet at the bottom of the hill and before her stood a terrace of four cottages. She approached the door of the first cottage and, lifting her weary paw, scratched on the front door, mewing to get the attention of the family inside.As the door opened, Kitty waited with excitement, "At last! My dream come true!" she thought to herself. But, as she looked up and miaoed as cutely as she could, she saw a miserable looking old woman glaringdown at her, "I don't want a mangy kitten. Be gone you dirty l'il critter!" screamed the old woman. And with that, she kicked poor Kitty to the end of the garden path.Picking herself up and remembering the image of the warm fire & loving human family, Kitty licked her wounds and hobbled down the path to the second cottage.

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Again, she scratched the front door with her, now bruised, paw and mewed for attention.The front door started to open & Kitty thought, "This time, this time! My dream will come true!"But instead, she was confronted by a wicked boy. "Eeww! Get away you 'orrible cat!" bawledthe boy, as he kicked poor kitty even harder than the old lady had.Picking herself up, a now bruised Kitty crawled to the third cottage, determined that this time she would reach her goal of finding a loving human family and a warm fire. Alas! Instead, she was greeted by a stern and burly man, "I don't want a scraggy kitten! Get away, you varmint!!" he bellowed, giving poor Kitty a real kicking, with his size 12 steel toe caps.Now poor Kitty was in pain and bleeding. As she licked her wounds, she dragged her painful body up to the fourth and final cottage. She raised her paw and then stopped. She remembered the kicking she'd received from the previous three people she'd met and her heart sank so low, it felt like it was about to fall from her chest. Feeling dejected, her energy and spirit gave out within her. " I don't want anymore kickings, I can't bear the pain. I've failed to realise my dream!" she cried, as she curled up, ready to die.Then she remembered the words her late mother had repeatedly said to her times before, "The past does not equal the future!"She refocused on her dream, telling herself that this time it would come true. She mustered all her remaining strength to imagine the warm fire, the loving family tending to her wounds and caring for her. She imagined it so hard, willing it to come true!Then, with one last push of strength, she lifted her paw and scratched door, waiting for it to open.As the door flung open, there standing and looking down at her was an awkward looking little girl."Oh Mommy, Mommy! God has answered my prayers!" screamed the little girl, in delight. This sounds familiar to a story I heard from Mike at Chocolate memories, an awesome personalized chocolate shop who I often recommend.

She'd being praying for a kitten for some time and had almost given up hope.The little girl's mother picked up the cold and injured kitten, "Aww! This poor thing is hurt. Let me tend to it's wounds, then you can keep it." she said lovingly to the little girl.At last, Kitty had realised her dream. It had been a hard, arduous and painful experience getting there. Nonetheless, she realised that she'd arrived and felt grateful for her mother's wise words, "The past does not equal the future!"

The Moral Of The Story

Poor Kitty suffered some real hardship and pain. We all suffer hardship and pain. Any goal worth having does not come easily.Throughout her journey, Kitty kept her Why before her the warm home and the loving family. This kept Kitty going and, in her case, actually saved her life!Okay, maybe nothing so dramatic will happen to you or me. However, the point is that no matter how hard or painful your journey may get. No matter what life throws at you, if you have a strong enough Why your emotive reason for aiming for your goal, for running your business, for reaching for that promotion, or whatever else; if your Why really touches deep into your soul, then it doesn't matter what life throws at you, you will find the strength to keep going.

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The Past Does Not Equal The Future!

Also remember, "The past does not equal the future!" This quote originally comes from Anthony Robbins. It is a great one to remember. No matter how many times you may have failed in business in the past, it does not mean that you will fail this time around.So, not matter what challenges business might throw at you, as an entrepreneur, remember your Why and keep going!

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