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Posted 2 years ago

The human race has an innate need to create, far beyond that of any other creature. When it comes to inventing something new, there is almost no limitation on size. Some of the greatest inventions have been miniscule, while others have been gargantuan.  Here are just a few examples of the extremes:

  • microbot-motorInvented by Australian scientists, this tiny motor (25 millimetres across) will hopefully offer a safer alternative to invasive surgical procedures. Powering a minute robot, it may be injected into the patient’s bloodstream and perform delicate operations on stroke patients or do exploratory surgery. Isaac Asimov wasn’t so far off in his novel, Fantastic Voyage!



  • Nuclear scientists have invented the world’s largest particle accelerator, a monstrous 27 kilometre, donut-shaped machine that accelerates atoms to velocities nearing the speed of light. The process smashes atoms into smaller components, and is responsible for discovery of the Higgs boson. Until recently, it was thought that electrons, protons and neutrons were the smallest subatomic particles. The accelerator is revealing even smaller units of matter.


  • The robotic fly is a remote controlled drone.

Nearly invisible, it is able to unobtrusively do surveillance manoeuvers.robotic fly




  • Created for the mere fun and challenge it presents, the world’s largest skateboard can transport a largest skateboarddozen or more people at once. It is, however, doubtful that the group can do tricks common to normal skateboard pros!





The human mind is an amazingly creative organ! When it comes to inventing, the sky (or the microscopic world) is the limit!

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