Crazy Inventions that Made it!

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Posted 2 years ago

There are myriads of crazy inventions that, understandably, never became popular or even found their way to the shelves of a store. One might think in terms of useless inventions, such as the backward aiming gun, diet water, or screen doors for submarines. These, of course, are fictitious, but there have been plenty of real ones that were either impractical, dangerous, or just dumb. What is really amazing are the ones that did make it! For example:

  • Pet rock. Did you have one? A lot of children did. How bizarre is that?


  • Motorcycle mounted cannon– a scooter armed with a 75mm cannon. It could even be fired on the move, with accompanyingCrazy Motorcycle cannon kickback!


  • Baby sleeper duster: Dust mop fibres attached to the front of the legs and backs of the arms of infant sleepers, allows them to inadvertently dust wherever they squirm and crawl. I suspect there are lots of undusted areas and lots that develop a high polish. Does baby then clean the mop by chewing on it, as all babies put everything into their mouths?
  • baby cageBaby cage, invented in the 1930’s to allow mothers in high rise apartment buildings to give their baby some fresh air and sunshine suspended in a small cage high above the street! Safety regulations have come a long way since then! And now the increase in adults with acrophobia is explained!


  • Anti-theft lunch bags. For the child who is always losing his lunch to bullies at school, the sandwich bag that makes its contents look moldy should deter the thieves. Of course, no one wants to sit next to the child after he then opens the bag and eats the contents!
  • anti-theft lunch bags

Ah, the endlessly creative mind of humans! Whether you invent for your own entertainment or with a view to patenting a useful product, the rest of us are thankful for the duds, the crazies, and the functional. They make life so much  more interesting!


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